Our mission is to help everyone reach their career aspirations and achieve their professional goals.

Mentors Outreach is a space to get inspired, ask questions, begin discussions, share goals, join a few topic discussions, gain recognition, and receive support. We provide training, professional development, and networking for mentors within our network!

Endless possibilities 😀

Build a network of meaningful work-life connections based on shared interests such as social impact, tech and entrepreneurship, etc.

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Participate and Share.

Our goal is to help everyone to reach a higher level in our abilities. I’m really looking forward to working with you and rapidly developing our community skills together.Invite people who you believe can benefit from joining Mentors Outreach and will elevate our community.

  • Feel free to ask and answer questions, begin discussions, share goals and join a few topics discussions!
  • Browse Topics to find tips that will help you make the most out of our community.
  • Search our community to find discussion threads, advice and other relevant topics.
  • Follow others who inspire you to automatically receive notifications when they share.

So jump in regardless of your level of experience – everyone’s voice adds value to our dialogue. There are no stupid questions.

Meet the Team.

Learn about the diverse perspectives and passions that fuel our team’s work.

Bakari Mustafa
Bakari Mustafa
CEO & Co-founder

Finding the right people to help us can bring life-altering success. I am excited to build a helpful community that connects you to just the right people for your needs!

Amisi Hassan
Amisi Hassan
Country Director, Malawi

I am a software developer and academic co-ordinator of takenoLAB. I have been teaching computer programming in Mobile Development at AppFactory Dzaleka and TakenoLAB.

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