Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about Mentors Outreach

What is Mentors Outreach?

Mentors Outreach a space to get inspired, Ask and answer questions, post influential thoughts, and engage in meaningful conversations around professional goals and expand your curiosity enabling you to build confidence and help challenge, motivate, and inspire you at all stages of your career.

What features are offered?

Mentors Outreach provides multiple discussion forums where you can connect with other professionals:

  • A private community to discuss all things work-related with just your co-workers

  • A public community where you can engage with the entire Mentors Outreach community

Additional features include: group chats, 1:1 conversations, Access exclusive opportunities, Coffee chats with peers and more. Please note that some features are only available on either app or web.

Is Mentors Outreach Free?


Why do you need my email address and other personal information?

Your email address serves as your user ID – we need it for login authentication purposes. Any information you provide, such as current industry and job title, is used to match you more effectively with other members. The more you communicate your needs, the more personalized and relevant your introductions become. We do not share your information with third parties or run advertisements.

What are the community policies?

In order to have a sustainable community, we require all members to abide by our Community Guidelines. The guidelines are always accessible on both the app and website. We encourage everyone to reference our policies when writing and reporting content.

How do I report content?

Select the three dot icon (• • •) on the post or comment you wish to report. Choose the option to Flag Content and provide a reason. You can always reference our Community Guidelines when reporting content.

How do I delete my posts?

Select the three dot icon (• • •) on any post you wish to remove, then choose to delete. Deleting will permanently remove your content from Mentors Outreach. To see a full list of your content, you can check the Activity History in your profile.

Why am I being prompted to re-verify my email?

We ask users to re-verify emails on a periodic basis. This allows us to update each user’s status and it allows us to give each user access to the appropriate channels.