The job board is open to everyone.  Whether you are recruiting for your organization, helping spread the word for a friend or just stumbled across a cool opportunity, as long as the gig relates to our mission and social impact, this board has you covered.

What’s Included?

Get your job in front of hundreds of thousands of ambitious professional looking for their next opportunity.

  • 1 x 30 days job post on the Mentors Outreach Job Board

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How to Post

Using the link below. Once you’ve submitted your job posting, you can post directly to the job board or send along messages from your email. 

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What to Share

In the subject of your posting, please include:

  • the type of job (full-time, part-time, contract or internship)

  • location of the position

  • job title and who’s hiring.

We suggest you format your subject like the examples below, so subscribers can easily search for and find specific opportunities:

[Brisbane, Australia] Graphic Designer at Hungry Innovators [Contract, Remote] Community Manager at Mentors Outreach

In the message of your post, include links at the top of the post for easy access, followed by a job description about the organization and the role. Please include info about compensation. You may include forwarded messages, PDFs, or any other kind of material you have – doesn’t need to be anything formal.

If you’d like, share how you learned about this opportunity, if/how you can help connect people, and any thoughts/advice you have about applying.

NOTE: Please do not post opportunities that people need to pay to participate in (tuition-based fellowships, training programs, etc.) For listings like this, please join and post in our community platform